Tech Tips

Tech Tip: Be wary of Technical support scams

Have you had "Microsoft" or "Insert large, well known company name here" called you and said you have a virus or something else wrong with your computer? Did they request remote access to your computer? Don't believe them! It is a scam.

Top 10 Signs your computer might have a problem

It is continually becoming more difficult to stay safe on the Internet.  Every day new viruses, malware, phishing scams, ransomware, worms and a myriad of other dangers are released into the wild for us to try to navigate safely.  However, eventually, we all fall prey to one of those traps.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell if you, actually, have a problem.  So, this week’s tip is really more of a Top 10 List and is intended to help you better recognize some of the signs that could indicate that bad things are happening and when to might want to call for help.

Tech Tip: Be Careful When Installing Programs

Often times when installing programs, people click next repeatedly because they don’t want to waste time reading all of what they may think is useless information. This is not the case and reading these steps is very important. Many software companies make deals with other companies to put their software into the installer, so you may be clicking through the installer without seeing that there are other programs that will also be installed. Most of these programs that are thrown in are useless, such as a search bar that is much worse that Google, or a random app that just takes up memory and...