Tech Tip: Backup your PC

Many people think their PC will never fail, and I’m here to tell you that every PC will fail at some point, and you have possible data loss because of it. The link below is a temporarily free version of a usually paid software that I think everyone should be taking advantage of, this software is Paragon backup software which is very intuitive and gets the job done.

I highly encourage you to look into backing up your PC to protect your photos, videos, documents and other important items. There are some more premium features of backup software that may not be available in this free version, but would certainly be available for a slightly larger pricetag. Some of these features would be restoring a backup to dissimilar hardware (This is a feature called Universal Restore). This is an amazing feature as your hard drive containing your data could fail, and you may decide to get a new PC, with this feature you could restore your backup image onto a new machine that you may purchase.

Backing up your PC can be a relatively easy and inexpensive process, and is definitely worth it to retain peace of mind.