Tech Tips

Tech Tip: Buyer Beware!

One of the largest shopping days is only a few days away. Don't be deceived by all of the hype. Stores are in business to make money. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are created to increase business, and boost profit margins before the end of the year. Sometimes you may find a good deal, but the sales are created to make the consumer spend more money.

Tech Tip: Backup your PC

Backing up your PC can be a relatively easy and inexpensive process, and is definitely worth it to retain peace of mind.

Tech Tip: Is Your Computer Beeping For Help?

Have you ever heard your computer randomly beep at you? Those beeps aren't as random as you might think... They are a way for your computer to tell you there is something wrong.  If you hear a beep, try to note the pattern. Like morse code, it should be comprised of a series of long and short beeps. You can then look up the code on your motherboard manufacturers website, or bring it to a computer repair person to have them diagnose the issue.

Tech Tip: Beware of the newest Facebook Scam

There are so many scams floating around the internet, it is hard to keep track. Vigilance is required to keep your information safe. The latest Facebook scam uses your own friends, family, and acquaintances as a Trojan Horse. The scammer, disguised as someone you know, adds you as a friend on facebook, and will proceed to chat with you about a "Federal Grant". They attempt to get personal information from you, or send you to a site that will request your personal information.

Tech Tip: Beware of Unknown USBs

There is a new USB device on the market, known as USB Kill, that can destroy almost anything it is plugged into whether it be a computer or TV (depending on configuration). The device works by charging capacitors in the USB device and sending a surge into the board once it reaches a peak level essential causing costly damage to the device. The damage the device can cause is from burning out the USB port to costly board damage and possible hard drive damage. This device works at a hardware level and works almost instantly, so training to only use known and trusted USB devices is the only...