Over 39 years for software development experience.

  I.T. Leadership experience for healthcare, manufacturing, printing, distribution

  Responsible for technology upgrade projects as high as 3 million dollars

  Majority owner of System Development Services, Inc. (SDS) and has been President & CEO for 32 years

  Steve and his wife, Kathy, are long term residents of Effingham and have 3 adult daughters

DOUG COLLINS - Vice President- Sales

  I.T. Hardware and software support for 30+ years

  Responsible for technology enhancements for several SMB’s

  Sunrise Rotary Member for the past 13 years- Paul Harris Society

  Knights of Columbus member and Elk’s member for the past 20+ years

  Doug and his wife, Robin, are long term residents of Effingham and have 2 adult children

Our Administrative “A Team”

Ann Doedtman

Accounting Manager

Vanessa McKee

Administrative Assistant

Our “Tech Team”

Eric Florey "Florey"

Computer Technician

Mike Flack

Network Consultant

Tim Woodall

Network Consultant

Our “Programmer/Website Development Team”

Laney Schultz