About us


Systems Development Service (SDS) was founded in 1984 by Steve Schallert and now co-owned by Schallert and Doug Collins. The company has continued to grow and in January of 1996, incorporated as System Development Services, Inc.

The original focus of the company was to provide high-quality custom programming services. The focus expanded to include IT services, and now SDS is the “IT Department” for many of our clients. This growth and success caught the attention of IBM, who approached SDS with an offer of becoming an IBM business partner to support the IBM Mid-Range computer systems. SDS is now the leading provider of IBM mid-range services in our market area. SDS is synonymous in our area with technological expertise, prompt service, and programming innovation.

SDS aggressively invests in our customer’s technology needs, with training, hardware and equipment upgrades. SDS achieves this through formal partner relationships with leading vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell and others. These formal vendor partnerships require us to maintain advanced certification levels which helps SDS keep on the leading edge of many of today’s technologies. This success has allowed SDS to acquire several area computer divisions to expand our services and offer additional professionals with highly qualified expertise.

1992: SDS expanded into web services and now offers website development and web hosting services.

2002: SDS acquired and merged the computer and networking services division of RTA systems, making SDS the most technically certified, largest professional computer services and support provider in their market area.

February 2003: SDS moved into a 5,200 sq/ft facility to allow for a larger staff, additional services, and projected growth.

February 2004: SDS purchased Computer Technologies with stores in Effingham and Charleston.

For over 30 years SDS has stood for quality Information Technology service in its market area in East Central Illinois. SDS is very proud of their company and the services provided to their customers. Customer needs continue to determine the direction SDS moves.

Our Approach

System Development Services, Inc. (SDS) is synonymous in our area with technological expertise, prompt service and programming innovation. SDS is also the area’s leading computer and networking sales and service provider. We have attained a reputation of excellence in our market area because our staff of technicians take their profession seriously. When our technicians aren’t servicing our clients’ varied technical requirements, they’re studying the latest computer industry trends and technologies and accruing a battery of professional certifications geared to today’s and tomorrow’s real world business needs.

SDS still devotes a good part of its efforts to devising solutions that meet the unique specifications of our clients’ businesses. From our in-depth knowledge of our clients, we have developed several software products that meet common business needs and cost our clients considerably less than if we were starting from scratch. Some of our products include SDS TimeKeeper and SDS Tracker. SDS TimeKeeper is a web-based time-clock system. SDS Tracker, a client-server application for customer relationship management suitable for any business that needs to keep better track of its clients, customer service and sales opportunities.

If you’re looking to take the headache and the hassle out of business technology, call SDS today!

A professionally certified staff is an important part of why we are so successful in meeting our customers' needs. Certification verifies that we are knowledgeable and trained in the necessary technical areas. It allows us to have advanced relationships with IBM, Microsoft, HP, and other partners, increasing value to our customers. Our business experience, combined with technical training, certifications, and knowledge staff, allows us to provide solutions to your business needs.

Being a Microsoft Certified Partner and IBM Partner requires a sizeable investment by SDS in maintaining advanced certifications, skills and knowledge levels. These advanced relationships with our partners allow flexibility in customizing systems and components specifically for your needs.

Need Diversity?

Whether you have small hand-held systems or high-end, million dollar IBM mainframe class systems to install, SDS is a local vendor who can sell, install and support all ranges of systems. These many services can be teamed up to provide one single source to meet all your computer system and networking needs, provided by certified professionals. We are a full service vendor, not only offering sales and service of computer equipment, but the ability to custom develop and interface your systems as needed to provide you the best value.